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Fable 3 'Kingmaker' companion game coming Oct. 1 to 'smartphones'


Back in August, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux teased that, while there wouldn't be a Pub Games-like companion game for Fable 3 on XBLA, something similar was in the works -- seemingly for mobile phones -- that we'd see in October. Well, that something would definitely appear to be Fable 3 Kingmaker, a "smartphone" game due on October 1. The title was revealed by the UK's Xbox World magazine and detailed by CVG.

"The battleground is your town, and your only weapon is your smartphone," according to Xbox World, which, when combined with statements like "plant virtual flags for the Royals or the Rebels" and "claim power-ups in locations throughout the United Kingdom," suggests that Kingmaker will be a foursquare-style app based on checking in at different locations in the real world. "For every flag you plant, and every power up you claim, you shall earn gold coins, which you shall then be able to transfer into the Fable 3 game on your Xbox 360," the description reads.

Of course, this information is UK-centric, so we're checking with Microsoft's US PR to clarify release plans for North America. There's also the matter of what exactly a "smartphone" constitutes in this case -- will the game be released in the Apple App Store and Android Market? An official site for Kingmaker has been launched, which, for now, simply contains some artwork and the October 1 date.

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