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Onkyo dropping three Windows 7 slates on totally-suspicious-by-now public


Never saw this coming, did you? Oh, right, you did. Onkyo is joining the Windows 7 slate tablet fray with three new models, which will begin shipping next month in Japan. The variety is minor, though each tablet is getting its own design language: the 11.6-inch and 10.1-inch TW317A5 and TW217A5 both rock 32GB SSDs, while the TW117A4 kicks it old school with a 160GB HDD. Thanks to Windows 7 Home Premium the trio will be getting all the touch-friendly benefits the OS can offer, and Atom N450 and Z530 processors will sipping battery on behalf of the machines. No word on price, but we really prefer the "Windows 7 slate that will only ship internationally and that nobody we know will buy" more as a construct anyway.

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