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Resistance 3 goes cross-country in first screens


Like Batman: Arkham City before it, Resistance 3's possibly first, very convincing-looking screenshots were found on the Flickr account of user "1337guyzorz2." As seen in the gallery below, they're a melange of concept art and apparent in-engine screens, highlighted by screaming, murderous Chimera and a destroyed St. Louis.

Also seen are Resistance 2's Joseph Capelli and who who we believe to be Nathan Hale's sorta-sister Susan Farley (her screens are labeled "Susan," among other things), both of which will seemingly play key roles in the forthcoming game. Insomniac offered "No comment" and Sony hadn't gotten back to us on the authenticity of these images by the time of publishing.

Gallery: Resistance 3 (first screens) | 18 Photos

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