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Best case scenario: Del Toro's 'Lovecraftian' THQ game in 2013


Pan's Labyrinth director and The Strain co-author Guillermo Del Toro has confirmed earlier reports that he's collaborating with THQ on high-profile video games. Speaking to MTV news, Del Toro said talks involved "huge games, huge world creation and long deadlines." How long, exactly?

"With THQ we're looking at around a three year developing deadline for each game," he said. Though it's unclear how many projects are encompassed by the deal, the director claimed each is being explored in a "serious" manner. "Expect the first game, best case scenario, 2013." You can also expect it to be a "Lovecraftian thing" and a "very different type of horror game."

Del Toro also recounted his experience with the cancelled "Sundown," one of several games that he had pitched in 2006. "It was eerily similar to Left 4 Dead, which I adore and am addicted to and that, in the household, is considered a 'family game.'"

Wait ... if that's a family game, can you imagine how scary this THQ collaboration will be? We were just going to go with a "Boo Blox" joke, you know?

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