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Enslaved DLC will be 'an entirely new experience'


According to Ninja Theory chief Tameem Antoniades, the downloadable content for the much-anticipated Enslaved isn't just going to be "an extra few levels kind of thing. It's an entirely new experience," he tells Destructoid in a recent interview. He says that the "extra" content was designed as a whole new project -- the game is a cohesive story and experience in itself, and then the DLC was created from "a little extra time and budget for something totally extra, which is totally optional." Strangely, he couldn't confirm that the DLC would follow the Pigsy character (which is what Namco said about a week ago), but he promises a "meaty" experience nevertheless.

Antoniades also talks more about how the game was developed from a very cinematic point of view -- the company hired real screenwriters and filmmakers to come work on the project, and took inspiration from the idea of "buddy movies, where each character is part of a team," Antoniades says, "and that without each other you can't accomplish the mission." We're very much looking forward to seeing how all of this influence and hard work pans out -- the game will be out next week.

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