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Metroid Prime model gunship boasts 'unprecedented levels of realism and accuracy'


For $300, you get a spaceship that benefits from the most attentive and accurate craftsmanship. It's not quite what intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran paid when she commissioned her gunship, but then ... this one is quite a bit smaller. And it's only a model (shh!).

As part of only 750 units shipping in Q2 2011, this Metroid Prime ship model from First 4 Figures boasts a height of 12 inches, a swivel joint on its base, an elaborate sequence of LEDs and "unprecedented levels of realism and accuracy," thanks to its slavish recreation from the original game files and canon. Note: The rear-mounted plasma beam cannon is probably less functional in this instance.

If you're in the position to order one of these (and you can opt for a three-month payment plan if need be), don't forget to leave space on the mantelpiece for future entries in the Metroid gunship line. First 4 Figures is probably working on a miniature of the Metroid: Other M gunship already, complete with Confession Time booth and compartments for Samus' cyber-diary and violin.

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