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ArenaNet wants your thoughts on Guild Wars' War in Kryta

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The War in Kryta has been over for a while and Guild Wars players have begun to look toward Cantha and Elona, wondering what's next.

Not so fast there, because ArenaNet isn't quite finished. The developers have a few things surrounding WiK that they'd like your opinion on. Did you love the royal gifts and end weapons? Did you hate having to follow a flowchart to figure out what was going on? Did you find the Mantle too overpowered at the end? ArenaNet wants to know all of this and more, so there is a short survey regarding your feelings on various aspects of the War in Kryta.

There is also a little surprise question at the end, asking how you as a player feel about a party composed of you and seven heroes. Mysterious! Check out both the blog post and the survey itself, and make your opinions known.

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