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Cataclysm Beta: Patch notes, build 13117

Joe Perez

We just received notification that a new patch is coming for the the Cataclysm beta. Build 13117 has just been datamined over at MMO-Champion. There are plenty of changes in store for almost every class. Among those changes are pretty nice buffs to combat rogues who get to look forward to the following changes

  • Backstab now deals 200% weapon damage, up from 175%. Additional base damage increased by 33%.
  • Revealing Strike now causes 125% of your normal weapon damage, up from 100%.
  • Improved Sinister Strike now increases damage dealt by your Sinister Strike ability by 10/20/30%, up from 2/4/6%.
  • Vitality (Passive) now also increases Attack Power by 15%.
Protection warriors also get a nice buff to threat as Defensive Stance will now generate 125 percent threat, up from 100 percent. Pretty significant buff and one that will help keep up with the additional damage being dealt in the instances now. All of the hunter Masteries also saw some significant changes with what looks like a big decrease in bonuses across the board. Restoration shaman can look forward to Mana Tide Totem being changed to increase spirit by 350 percent, up from 200 percent. All around there are some big changes for just about everyone this time around.

With all the class changes also comes some more news about professions. A slew of new enchants have been uncovered as well as a new recipe that I think every alchemist will be interested in. The recipe for Vial of the Sands has been uncovered, and if you're wondering what it is, this little potion will transform you into a Sandstone Drake! Not only do you get to become a really awesome looking dragon and fly very fast, but a friend can hop on your back and go for a ride. It is one of the more interesting concepts as far as mounts go, and I for one am looking forward to making and downing a Vial of the Sands as soon as I can. Keep in mind that all of these changes are based on the data uncovered from the Cataclysm beta, and can change at any time. Be sure to check back often for all the latest Cataclysm news.

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