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DC Universe Online turns the spotlight on Lex Luthor

Eliot Lefebvre

Through all of Superman's adventures, there's one adversary that epitomizes everything he's not: Lex Luthor. A brilliant man with no special powers, Luthor has nothing but contempt for others, seeking control and power even at the same time that he seeks the destruction of Superman. It's a known fact that Luthor will be featured in DC Universe Online, after appearing in the cinematic trailer as both antagonist and ally -- but now we get to see the man himself in his now-familiar power armor.

Marv Wolfman, writer for DC Universe Online, has plenty of history with writing Luthor, as he was behind the character's shift from being a mad scientist to the cold and calculating businessman he is today. And any veteran of DC comic continuity knows that Luthor might not ever come out on top... but he always makes for a worthy adversary. Take a gander at the gallery for a good look at an iconic character in the game -- a sometimes-ally, a dangerous adversary, and one of the motivating factors behind the game's overarching plot.

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