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CEA survey: Americans don't want FM in cell phones


Personally, I'd like to have an FM tuner in my iPhone, but then again, I'm a radio geek, so I guess I'm in the minority. According to a survey from the Consumer Electronics Association, more than half of Americans polled say they don't want an FM tuner in their cell phone. That seems strange to me -- why would you not want that extra functionality? The new iPod nano still has an FM tuner on board, so it must be pretty easy to get one in there. Of course, if there's no demand for it, Apple's not likely to eventually include one in a future version of the iPhone. If this survey is any indication, you'll have to try and get American Top 40 in podcast form.

Then again, there are some political machinations going on here, too -- the CEA also reports that over 80% of Americans would be opposed to a government mandate on including FM tuners in mobile phones. As big a fan of radio as I am, even I wouldn't support that one. It's not the government's business to determine what features are in my cell phone. But sure enough, that's what the NAB is pushing for, trying to require FM tuners in cell phones for emergency usage and information.

At any rate, politics aside (and commenters, please be civil), I'm surprised that so few people are interested in having an FM tuner. Sure, it's not cutting-edge technology, but certainly there are still times that you just want to tune into the radio, right?

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