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How would you change Apple's Magic Trackpad?

Darren Murph

Magical? Maybe. But there's no doubt that Apple's Magic Trackpad was a shot out of left field when it debuted earlier this summer. Offering loads of multitouch gestures to desktop users who are sick and tired of using the same 'ole mouse for the past score, the pad received little attention from Apple itself. Rather than launching the new hardware at a press event, the company simply slid it into its webstore, just hoping and praying that you'd put your optical bias aside for a moment and try it out. We've already given you our take, and now we're interested in hearing your own thoughts. Has the Magic Trackpad revolutionized the way you control your cursor? Caused more frustration than it's worth? Did you forget you even owned this thing? How would you tweak it if allowed into Cupertino's design labs? Tell all in comments below.

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