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Minecraft dev's profits spawn new, six-person studio


When he's not flying to Valve to speak about his world-building game, Minecraft, one-man development team Marcus Persson has been spending his days lately scouting for a new office and a couple more employees. Profits from his yet-to-be-finished crafting game have already netted enough to start a development studio and hire a handful of employees. On the latest Indie Games Podcast, Persson said he's looking for "about six" employees in total, and he's got four so far.

He's also already got plans for a second game -- a title to be developed alongside Minecraft that he repeatedly points out is "going to be fairly different" from his first solo outing. Unlike Minecraft, however, Persson won't be heading up development of the second game, but one of the other folks he's working with. As for when Minecraft will be completed? He "doesn't dare" guess. Hopefully five other people will help speed up the process!

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