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The Queue: Definitely not a kitten, at all

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

I think we can all agree that the above picture is not a kitten, thus ending the cute-baby-animals theme used in header images in The Queue once and for all.
The Dark Wayne asked:

There's one question that's been on my mind ever since 3.3 came out: Will we be able to obtain Shadowmourne or at least Shadow's Edge in Cataclysm? If we can, will we also still be able to get the fancy box of lore trinkets that drop when you kill the LK with it?

Given that it's part of the We Are Legendary guild achievement, all signs point to yes.

Fadewon asked:

Any news on any new Darkmoon Decks in the expansion?

Yes. Courtesy of Seiru from Something Awful:

Hurricane, I believe, has an agility option as well. There's also a Greatness-alike (Destruction), though I'm not sure what its effects are.

Reis asked:

Question: Has Blizzard ever commented on the possibility of banning certain names in game, making it impossible for someone to use them in game, such as anything using Blizzard, Activision, WoW, etc. ...? Given the surplus of scam whispers I'm getting on a small server, I imagine it's a bigger problem places like say Malganis, so why haven't they done it already?

Short answer is that there are an awful lot of ways to misspell a name. I went into it in detail back when I worked at Blizzard, responding to our own Daniel Whitcomb. When not responding to RP concerns, I also gave love advice.

Grovin of Dark Hour asked:

Dear The Queue,

Have you decided yet what constitutes an appropriate punishment for everyone who starts a post with, "I asked this last time but it didn't get answered, so I'm just going to keep asking it until it does"? How best can we correct and prevent this ignoble behavior efficiently and with a minimum of hurt feelings and/or bloodletting?


All kidding aside, there are several reasons why I sometimes don't answer questions asked in The Queue comments. Here are some. (I don't speak for Alex or Adam here; just me.)
  • I like to answer questions I find personally interesting or compelling. I do not like answering boring questions with boring answers.
  • I just don't know the answer yet, and I feel like using The Queue real estate to say "we don't know the answer to this yet" is kind of lame.
  • The Queue gets a lot of comments, and sometimes I have to pick and choose which ones make it into a given article.
  • We get a lot of repeat questions because some people, understandably, do not read The Queue every day.
  • Sometimes I just miss questions!
  • Step 3: Make her open the box.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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