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Motorola claims its next generation encoders can cut bitrates in half

Ben Drawbaugh

Anyone who's spent any time trying to encode video will tell you that bitrate is only one of many aspects of digital video picture quality, but when it comes to encoding video on the fly for broadcast TV, saving bits means saving money. Video providers are always looking for ways to squeeze more programming down the same size pipe, while spending the least amount of money. This means that companies like Motorola are trying to improve its encoders and boy have they come a long way in the past 10 years -- if only our local affiliate would stop simulcasting or get a new encoder, but anyways. The latest development is what is being called perceptual video processing, but basically it's a new technique that somehow compresses video twice as much without any noticeable degradation. Obviously we'd have to see it to believe it, but we strongly doubt that a video stream using half the bits could look anywhere near as good, but admire 'em for trying.

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