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Found Footage: Apple/Microsoft throwdown at Mall of America


The USA's largest shopping mall will be the setting of an epic retail battle as Microsoft opens a massive store mere yards away from an Apple Store. Your Tech Weblog, a part of Minnesota's Pioneer Press, has posted some photos of the massive store-to-be.

It's directly across the hall from Apple Store Mall of America, and it's much larger. As the video above demonstrates, the store will be longer and apparently much deeper than the existing Apple Store. All is fair in love and tech retail, as blogger Julio Ojeda-Zapata points out, so may the best retailer win.

Microsoft has opened four retail stores in the US so far. There are two in California, one in Colorado, and one in Arizona. This will be the first location in Minnesota. Some have accused Microsoft of copying the Apple Store's look and feel a little too closely. Check out these photos and decide for yourself.

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