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Kojima reveals how Snatcher almost stank


Metal Gear Solid's "codec frequency on the box" gag wasn't the first time Hideo Kojima thought about integrating a game's packaging with the contents of the game. Kojima tweeted the story (and Andriasang translated) of how he originally thought to cover the disk for the PC-8801 version of the cyberpunk adventure game Snatcher with a paint that smelled like blood.

The idea was that as you played, the disk would get warm, and eventually your computer would "release the smell of the crime scene." Or, to think of it another way, the scent of blood would gently waft out of your computer, freaking you the hell out. He now calls it the "Dead Smell Project." In a more sensible plan, Kojima also wanted to use the heat of the computer to hide a message on the disk, only visible when it was warm.

[Image: JunkerHQ]

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