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Logitech's Google TV offering to also handle HD video conferencing, challenge Cisco's upcoming solution?

Tim Stevens

We're just days away from Logitech unveiling its Google TV hardware lineup, but now VP Eric Kintz is saying that's not all the company will have to show. You may remember that Logitech acquired LifeSize Communications late last year, a company specializing in corporate HD video conferencing, and now that technology will be coming to the living room. Logi isn't unveiling details yet, but whatever solution it offers will be compatible with Google TV and, given that Logitech's C910 webcam was recently granted SkypeHD compatibility, we wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of tie-in there. Hardware cost is unknown but no monthly fee will be charged, contrasting with Cisco's rumored solution -- coincidentally also said to be unveiled on Weds. According to The Wall Street Journal Cisco's HD conferencing option will cost a whopping $600 and, on top of that, will require a $30 monthly fee. That seems somewhat outrageously priced for a one trick pony, so here's to hoping there's more to it than that.

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