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Peggle iPhone gets 'Nights' expansion through in-app purchase

If you're just now in the final stages of recovery from your brutal, all-consuming addiction to the iPhone version of Peggle, then look away! Quickly, before it's too late! Okay, there's your fair warning -- the Peggle Nights expansion is now available to download through the iPhone port's in-app store, adding a whole slew of new (and darker) levels to the addictive Pachinko title for $2.99.

Though the announcement for the expansion claims that its contents come free with new purchases of Peggle starting today, it seems new purchasers actually just get access to a five-level sampler pack of Nights. The demo is also available to longtime mobile Pegglers with a free update to the title through the App Store. If this isn't proof that the company is run by extremely successful former drug dealers, we don't know what is.

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