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Direct2Drive offers Fallout: New Vegas collector's edition

Direct2Drive is pushing an awfully hard bargain to nab your business -- provided you're planning on purchasing Bethesda's upcoming apocalyptic RPG, Fallout: New Vegas. The digital retailer is offering pre-orders on an exclusive "Digital Collector's Edition," which includes a 48-page digital graphic novel titled "All Roads." The comic, created in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics and penned by Bethesda's Chris Avellone, tells the backstory of the town of New Vegas, and sets up the plot of the upcoming game.

If digital comics aren't your thing, pre-orders of the Collector's Edition also come with the "Tribal Pack" -- a DLC pack which adds a handful of relatively primitive weapons to your arsenal, including a machete, doses of venom and throwing spears. Those sound ... nice. Just fine. We're going to stick with our gun that shoots mini nuclear warheads, though. But thanks, all the same!

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