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EA wins 'Edge' trademark suit; court cites Langdell for 'trolling'


Edge Games founder Tim Langdell may have picked on someone a little too big. According to court documents obtained by IndustryGamers, EA has won a crucial legal decision over Langdell, following a court's denial to grant his motion for an injunction that would have taken away the publisher's rights to the "Mirror's Edge" game title.

Since 2001, when he sought legal action against Namco for its "Soul Edge" game, Langdell has been filing lawsuits that target companies, including indie developer Mobigame, that incorporate the word "Edge" in their game titles. Langdell claims trademark rights to the word "Edge," staking his case against EA on the existence of his studio's fishy, "forthcoming" release, "MIRRORS a game by EDGE." (Prior to the release of Racers this year for PC, Edge Games had not published a game since 1994.)

The court, however, believes that Langdell lied to the US Patent and Trademark Office and has been "trolling" the industry for opportunities to license his dubious trademark. The court also suggests that these actions could warrant "criminal penalties."

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