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EverQuest II moves treasured veterans into a luxurious estate


With the housing market in Norrath the way that it is these days, elves getting tossed out on their ears and all, it's a welcome sign when contractors are called in for big budget projects. For its latest anniversary present to loyal subscribers, SOE is giving EverQuest II seven-year vets an expansive mansion as a present: the Mistmoore Crag Estate.

Perched above the Timorous Moors -- and boasting a great view! -- the Mistmoore Crag Estate was the former home of the mayor of these here parts. Happily, he's long since moved out, and those swooping in to occupy the mansion should be pleased with their findings.

This luxurious five-room player house will hold up to 600 objects, and is available to any account that rolls past the seven-year mark. It will become available starting October 12th, and you can read more about this potential dwelling over at EverQuest II's veteran reward page.

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