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Explosionade dev delaying release until XBLM 'is less broken'


If you've been waiting to get your hands on Explosionade on Xbox Live Indie Games, you're going to have to wait a bit longer. Already delayed once to fix a last-minute bug, Mommy's Best Games has delayed the game again until "Xbox Marketplace is less broken." Speaking out on the Mommy's Best Devlog, studio head Nathan Fouls claimed that the Xbox Live Indie Games' "Top Downloads" section on XBLM is broken, frequently failing to update properly.

According to Fouls, the Top Downloads section is often "stuck for days, sometimes over a week." With a broken Top Downloads section, said Fouls, Explosionade could miss out on the potential sales boost that featured games receive. He added that gamers may stop paying attention to the Top Downloads section altogether if they realize it doesn't update on a regular basis.

Explosionade has been delayed until Microsoft addresses the alleged problem. "If Top Downloads keeps getting stuck," said Fouls, "it's going to eventually impact developers and gamers and the [Indie Games] channel will suffer."

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