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Wii version of Lucha Libre AAA delayed


Publisher Slang has put the Wii release of its wrestling game Lucha Libre AAA in a sleeper hold. Formerly set to be released on October 12 (a date that already represented a delay) alongside the PS3, Xbox 360 and DSiWare games, the Wii version has been pushed "into the November 2010 timeframe." Slang CEO Abraham Bautista said, "The slight delay will help to ensure that the game will provide fans with the best possible experience mixing the sport's rich tradition and over-the-top action with a fantastic arcade combat style."

More disappointing is the fact that the pre-order bonus for all versions, a real luchador mask, will no longer be offered due to safety certification concerns. Slang is working to figure out a replacement bonus, but it's not a wrestling mask -- so it's guaranteed to be disappointing.

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