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Apple Store news: Openings in Chicago and Edinburgh


As autumn approaches, an Apple Store in Chicago nears completion while another in Edinburgh is still in the planning stages. In Chicago, a future Lincoln Park store got dressed up a bit with festive barricades. Specifically, autumn-colored "leaves" have been added, spelling out the words "Lincoln Park Apple Store." Text below the famous Apple logo reads "A vibrant opening. Fall 2010." Many believe that this store will open some time this month.

This isn't the first time Apple has decorated a store that's under construction. In Boston the barricades resembled Fenway Park's Green Monster, and in Paris barricades depicted a luxurious theatrical curtain. That's nice, as typically those things are an eyesore.

Meanwhile, plans are progressing in Edinburgh, Scotland, where Apple is reportedly in discussions with the city's planning officials to finalize plans for a new store's design, construction, etc. In fact, Herald Scotland suggests that it could all be finalized within a few weeks. Apple already has two stores up and running in Scotland.

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