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Japan's new Typing of the Dead is all about finding a livelihood


Sega is releasing a new PC version of its classic typing-based shooter The Typing of the Dead tomorrow in Japan. The Typing of the Dead: Featuring Minna no Shuushoku Katsudou Nikki is mostly the same game we know from the Dreamcast, except it differs in word selection.

Sega surveyed members of Minna no Shuushoku Katsudou Nikki (Everyone's Job Hunting Diary), a job placement site, to gather a selection of 3,000 job search-related terms, to be used in the minigames in the new "Job Hunting Mode." There's also some kind of new "mystery" written by a Japanese comedian.

In a way, this new collaboration makes a kind of warped sense. Not only is fast, accurate typing a valuable job skill, we can imagine there being great therapeutic value in destroying zombies that represent aspects of your ongoing search for employment. Like the "disability income" and "stagnant air" zombies above (our best guess for translation).

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