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WoW reaches 12 million concurrent subscribers

Jef Reahard

It seems that World of Warcraft's oft-rumored (or is that wished-for) demise has been exposed as the usual forum scuttlebutt, thanks to a report today that confirms the MMORPG behemoth is cruising along with 12 million concurrent subscribers in tow. Our friends over at WoW Insider tipped us off to Blizzard's latest milestone, which you can view for yourself via a press release on the official European website.

With the December release of Cataclysm looming, things are looking up for the massive genre's reigning champion, and while many of WoW's would-be competitors are turning to free-to-play business models to survive, the gap between Azeroth and the various also-rans only seems to be growing.

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