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Darkness sequel still planned, Top Cow clearing up rights issues


We've been hearing murmurings about a sequel to 2007's The Darkness since back in 2008 when the property's creator -- comic book company Top Cow Productions -- hinted about one at the New York Comic Con. Fast-forward to this morning and we're once again back at the Jacob Javits Center on NYC's west side bugging Top Cow about The Darkness 2. "There are certain rights issues that we needed to clear up in order to move ahead with The Darkness 2. Those are getting cleared up. While there are no specific plans, it is definitely that is still on all of our minds," sales and marketing director Atom! Freeman explained to us this morning.

We pushed for confirmation that a sequel to The Darkness is still being planned. "Absolutely. We loved the game. The fans loved the game," he told us, adding, "There's no reason to not do another one. Just making sure that all of our ducks are in a row so that we can begin that process." Unfortunately, that's all Freeman would tell us, preferring to keep other information ... shrouded in darkness for now.

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