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First Look: Scosche sneakPEEK II audio-video output solution for iOS


Doing a lot of presentations from an iPad or other iOS device can be problematic if you work with a lot of different video devices. One time you might be hooking your iPad up to a HDTV with a composite connection, the next to a standard definition projector using component video. Buying Apple's Component AV Cable ($49) and Composite AV Cable (also $49) can be a pricey proposition, and you have to carry around two sets of cables.

Now Scosche has come out with the sneakPEEK II ($60) switchable video output solution for iPad, iPhone, and iPods with a Dock Connector. The cable provides both component and composite video connections, so it's possible to work with almost any TV or display. The sneakPEEK II comes with a USB-to-micro USB cable so you can charge your device while it's showing your Keynote presentation or blasting your Netflix rental to an HDTV. Remember, though -- the app you're using must support video out.

While you may still need the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter ($29) on occasion while performing your road warrior duties, the sneakPEEK II looks like a good all-in-one solution for those other audiovisual situations you may encounter.

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