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Guild Wars Hall of Monuments details revealed for Guild Wars 2

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

After months of waiting and asking, we finally have the news! ArenaNet has released a Guild Wars Hall of Monuments reward calculator and six screenshots of various details.

Previously, Guild Wars players were expecting the Hall of Monuments to carry over in-game from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2, allowing the descendants of the original characters to enjoy their family heirlooms, 250 years later. When Arenanet later recanted the specifics on that game mechanic, players were foaming at the mouth with anticipation for a proper explanation. And now we have it.

On the new Hall of Monuments website, the reward calculator is keyed to your character -- simply go to the site and type in your character name to see where you stand in the Hall of Monuments goals. It's an interesting system, sure to surprise many people with a few unexpected twists such as extra "points" for variety in displays.

We'll have an overview in Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles, but for now check out your rewards calculator, the Hall of Monuments FAQ, and then join the stampede to Eye of the North!

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