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HTC Mondrian render teases AT&T U-verse Mobile for Windows Phone 7, looks fatter than last time

Vlad Savov

Not that the connection between AT&T and HTC's Mondrian WP7 handset was under much doubt anymore, but here's the first image purporting to show the carrier-branded version of the device. The render is provided by 911sniper, whose long and distinguished record of leaking legit HTC ROMs leads us to believe it is indeed the real deal. It's curious then to juxtapose the somewhat bulky Mondrian on show here against the press imagery recently unearthed by BestBoyZ -- are we still looking at the same device? Our eyeball geometry would suggest not. Anyway, there's not too long left to go until Microsoft tidies this alphabet soup of codenames up for us, and until then we suggest just enjoying that tantalizing tile titled AT&T U-verse Mobile.

[Thanks, Kamal]

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