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JVC introduces SP-A230 and SP-A1M: portable speakers for portable players

Darren Murph

We'd tell you these things are probably too easy to lose, but it probably matters not -- after all, you've already been suckered into buying one based on how insanely janky / adorable it is. JVC has just introduced the SP-A230 and SP-A1M portable speakers, with the former being shown above. That guy is a bar-styled stereo unit with a pair of 30mm drivers, a brain-melting 160mW x 2 of power and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable for connecting to any 'ole PMP. The A1M ships with a single 30mm driver and relies on a pair of AAA batteries, compared with a pair of AA batteries necessary on the larger A230. Pricing remains elusive, but you can expect 'em in a variety of colors this November... well, in Japan at least.

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