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SOCOM 4 to offer 3D mode


"We can confirm that SOCOM 4 will be released in 2011," SCEA senior corporate communications director Patrick Seybold told us back in July, right after the tactical shooter had been delayed. "The team is focusing on additional features which will help to deliver the most compelling and immersive SOCOM experience yet."

As glimpsed in a gameplay video recorded at this year's Eurogamer Expo in London, one of those additional -- and don't forget compelling and immersive! -- features will be a 3D display mode. Responding to the discovery on the official SOCOM forums, Zipper Interactive community specialist Chris Roper explicitly noted that the game hadn't been delayed simply to cater to a small group of expensive televisions. "As I said I've said before and as [forum member] Tombstone mentioned, the game was not delayed to add 3D in any way, shape or form," he wrote. "Did the extra time allow for it? Well, you've seen the video.

"Err, I mean, no comment. Or something." That 3D something joins SOCOM 4's other list of announced features, including PlayStation Move support and a soundtrack by Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary. Marketing department, that's your cue to put "An astonishing sensory assault!" on the back of the box.

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