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Marvel Games at New York Comic Con liveblog


We're sitting on a set of luxurious folding chairs just moments before Marvel Games' panel at the New York Comic Con 2010 kicks off. We've been told a brand new game will be revealed, so stick with us while we bring you minute by minute updates from the third row.

11:37AM Game will feature multiple difficulties, and is "coming soon" to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. "We're bringing back all the cheese and all the bad music."

11:36AM New game announce! (Sort of.) Marvel and Konami are working together in this collaboration. "18 years later, the classic X-Men arcade game is back."

11:32AM Activision's X-Men Destiny is next up. Once again, old footage is shown, and no new details are really revealed during the panel. "Getting powers isn't a dream come true ... it's a nightmare," writer Mike Carey explains.

11:29AM Crowd is eating up the Captain America footage. Apparently, the script will be penned by writer Christos Gage, and will see the Cap going up against classic villains like Red Skull, Iron Cross and Baron Strucker. X-Men Destiny's about to take the stage.

11:28AM Sega's Captain America takes the stage next. What's the difference between writing the movie and game version of Captain America? "In the comics, I've generally written Captain America in the present day ... [but] this is a young Captain America, discovering his abilities just as the player does."

11:26AM Thor coming "Summer 2011," more than likely around the film's May release date. Cap'n America's up next.

11:23AM Sega's Thor video game is next. The San Diego Comic Con teaser trailer is live on screen. "That's it?," the crowd jeers, realizing there is no gameplay in this video. We're going to do the big unveil in December, Sega producer teases the audience. Um, thanks?

11:21AM "YES! OH YES!" someone screens next to us. Should we get him a tissue? The trailer plays, showing Magneo trapping Chun-Li in a gravity orb.

11:20AM The Magneto trailer... almost appears on screen. The sound is on, but the video cuts of the screen. There is a lot of cursing happening.

11:16AM Speaking of cameos, the writer name-dropped Mojo, Kingpin, Blade. Wait, does this mean that these cameos won't be playable in the game??!

11:15AM Which character has been your favorite to work on? "The best character for me was probably Deadpool." The audience cheers. "The whole dev team spent about three times the amount of time on Deadpool than anyone else," Niitsuma admits.

11:13AM Choosing characters for Marvel vs Capcom is "all about unconventional choices." MODOK certainly is unconventional! Explaining his addition, Capcom said that "having a bunch of humanoid characters is boring ... his shape is rather unique. We decided to put him in the game and see what would happen."

11:12AM MODOK versus TRON might be one of the most epic battles ever created. The two characters take up nearly all of the screen! MODOK can grab enemies with his arms and electrocute them. His trailer ends with a powered up laser shot at Dante, destroying him.

11:11AM And now, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 takes the stage. "As some of you know, some of our characters leaked online last night. But they didn't leak video."

11:10AM A slide shows a "wide variety" of costumes for Spider-Man, Hulk and Iron Man. Chibi versions of Deadpool and Spider Girl are showcased. "This is a free game by the way. Did I mention that? And for that Mac fan, it's also on the Mac."

11:10AM First of several online games we're working on. "If you have a favorite hero, we're going to get to it." Squirrel Girl, someone in the audience shouts. "I promise you some day, we will get to Squirrel Girl into this game ... we're going to get Howard the Duck into the game."

11:10AM Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is next, and one member in the audience jeers the continued focus on the kid-oriented Marvel universe. Gazillion's "massive online universe" features some cartoony superhero battles. Trailer ends "Coming 2011."

11:02AM Speaking further about voice acting: George Takai will play Galactus. "It could be no one else." The audience cheers. Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld plays Grandmaster. "There's genuinely amazing performances in the VO track and some really good comedic moments."

11:01AM Free DLC pack as Mark Hamill as Redskull. That pack also includes Captain America (played by Tom Kenny).

10:59AM The audience seems generally disinterested in this family-friendly Marvel title. Chatter around us drowns out the discussion about the various pick up and play mini-games that are included in the game.

10:56AM What made you expand to PS3 & 360 for this game? "It seemed like a no-brainer to move it to those platforms," explaining that it's the same game across all three platforms. Well, except for the HD graphics and support for DLC and leaderboards.

10:55AM Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet from THQ is the next game to be discussed. It's rated E10 for ages 10 and up!
10:52AM Can we expect a sequel? "I think our first date with Spider-Man went well, and we want to build it into a strong relationship."

10:51AM If you can choose one more dimension and four villains, what would they be? "I'm thinking about Venom in the future ... Chameleon, Lizard, Rhino, Black Cat, Vulture ... and other dimensions we could have done. It's really hard to do four."

10:49AM Thomas Wilson, creative director of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will be speaking. He will be answering questions about the game's development.

10:47AM "Our apologies to Activision. Whenever we have this panel, something always goes wrong." We can sympathize, considering our 10:30 update.

10:45AM The first game up is Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. "In case you don't know about it, here's a little recap." A video plays on screen, without sound.

10:44AM Sorry about that. Internet dropped for a second! We're back now! "Did you hear about the new Marvel vs. Capcom characters?" It seems like most of the audience is already in the know about today's character reveals. If you checked Joystiq last night, you would know the two new Marvel characters are Magneto and MODOK.

10:30AM "Did you hear about the new Marvel vs. Capcom characters?" It seems like most

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