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Spelunky surfaces in new screenshots


The XBLA version of Derek Yu's subterranean, sidescrolling roguelike Spelunky is looking pretty nice in these new screenshots. Not only is the resolution (and thus, the detail) higher than the PC original, but there are new lighting effects, explosions, and adorable red noses to look at. "I really want Spelunky to be as fun to look at as it it to play," Yu said, "and to that end, we've added lots of little details to the backgrounds to try and make each part of the game feel even more distinct.

Spelunky was originally announced with a 2010 release date. "The game is coming along splendidly," Yu told Joystiq when we checked in, "but it's possible we may slip into 2011. We really want to make sure the game is awesome."

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