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WRUP: Worgen or goblin?


Every week, just at the start of the weekend, we catch up with the WoW Insider staff and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

For most of the WoW Insider staff, the weekend is a time to immerse oneself in beta, and for me, of course, that means spending some quality time with my shaman! I've been saving the goblin and worgen experiences for the live servers, but this week Alex asked us to make a choice between green and doughty, or fluffy and snouty. With free character slots becoming a rare commodity as it gets easier to level an alt, some players are being forced to choose. With patch 4.0.1 ever closer and Cataclysm a mere two months away, it'll soon be time to make a choice.

Do the cool colors, faux-British accents and worgen voices tempt you? Or are you all about the snarky humor of the goblins?


  • Allison Robert (@AllisonRobert) I'm going to take a break from the beta and do some housecleaning on my characters on the live servers; there's a lot of stuff I could sell off or just dump. Other than that, just going to enjoy some 5-mans, a meal with my grandmother, a little more Plants vs. Zombies, and if I get very bored or desperate, more leveling jewelcrafting on my shaman. I've been saying that for close to a year now, though. As for Cataclysm, I'm in the happy position of being able to roll both a goblin and worgen, courtesy of my not being able to fill 10 slots with high-level alts. There's a certain advantage in being such a slow leveler.
  • Anne Stickney (@shadesogrey) I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend. More than likely writing, with a little ICC-25 stuck in there. Also I'm watching my sister's animals for the weekend, and while it isn't a video game, playing Keep The 10-Foot Boa From Escaping The Tank While Trying To Give It Water definitely seems like it ought to be. Goblins. Goblins are awesome.
    P.S. Snake says hi!
Snake says hi!

  • Basil Berntsen (@outdps) On Canadian Thanksgiving, I'll be eating turkey-bacon for breakfast! And worgen, because Alliance > Horde, but I'd trade gnomes, humans and night elves for the goblins.
  • Chase Christian (@madsushi) Will probably be getting my death knight to 80 this weekend and pretending to tank. Goblin, for sure. When Cataclysm drops, I'm rolling a goblin shaman named "Shock," and my wife is starting a goblin warrior named "Awe."
  • Colby Moore (@thearenaguy) chilling out, maxing and relaxing all cool. One of my Magic: The Gathering buds is going to the gym with me today. Speaking of getting jacked, I've found out a new way to make the most delicious protein shake: 2-3 scoops strawberry protein, 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 cup vanilla yogurt (or strawberry banana if you wanna pay a bit more), 1 banana, blend and add milk until the consistency is where you like it. I call it an Arnold Julius. Also, even though Horde is the superior faction, worgens are just awesome.
  • Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) My weekend looks like it might possible be relatively relaxing. I think I will celebrate by playing my goblin hunter on the beta a lot, which should give you my answer to the bonus question. Honestly, if you had told me six months ago I'd be loving goblins this much, I would have laughed in your face. But it's true, goblins reign supreme. They have the best emotes, the best animations, a pretty awesome starting story (marred only by Thrall being a dumbass at a couple points), an awesome culture, and a lot of fun quests and doodads and stuff. In the meantime, worgen are a bunch of slapdash, half-done graphics slapped on an incredibly flimsy and disappointing story. When you have to play the Horde to get most of the worgens' actual compelling storyline, while actual worgen get to ride the coattails of the night elves and not do a single thing about Gilneas until they join a buggy PvP battleground 50 to 60 levels later, something is horribly wrong.
  • Elizabeth Wachowski (@leeatwaterlives) I'm definitely going to be spending time with Assassin's Creed II, which I didn't play until now and is fantastic. Other than that, more Birth By Sleep and leveling my rogue. And goblin, probably.
  • Gregg Reece (@undeadfish) I'm helping some friends move back into their house after it has finally been fixed up after the Nashville flood earlier this year. For the bonus question I have one word and that word is "worglin," because maybe they'll allow paladins since the neither of the real new races do. I blame you, Metzen, and expect paladins to be an option the next time we get new races. I'm just kidding. I'm not bitter. Having Rossi constantly post cool pictures of his worgen warrior in various armor sets hasn't been making me die a little inside when I realize that I'll never have a ret-puppy ... *sniffle*
  • Joe Perez (@lodurzj) Saturday finishing up ICC-10 achievement run cause I need my sexy drake. Started another round of Mass Effect 2, going to spend a lot of time on the Cataclysm beta finalizing some math. As far as worgen or goblin, I have only one thing to say; AWWOOOOOOOOOO! WORGEN OF STORMWIND!
  • Kelly Aarons (@Cadistra) I'm playing "Canadian Thanksgiving" with my friends. Also WoW, and hoping to finally finish SMT: Strange Journey. As for Cata, I'm rolling a goblin, even though I'm a big fan of werewolves (hey, I liked werewolves before it was cool). I'm just not super-excited about the worgen, is all.
  • Lisa Poisso (@emused) Running up a new group of alts with some friends who're returning players -- just temporary alts, really, until we make newbies in Cataclysm. Bonus question: Not merely both -- all.
  • Mathew McCurley (@gomatgo) The fun is happening this weekend! Maybe. I don't know. Ulduar drakes on Saturday, followed by a jovial Sunday of shopping for birthday presents for people. Bonus question: Goblin all the way.
  • Matthew Rossi (@matthewrossi) Gonna try and Mass Effect/ME2 complete playthrough. And worgen. Goblins don't even exist in my mind. Everything Daniel said, I pretty much disagree with. I'm not thrilled that the Forsaken get more of the worgen storyline, naturally, but what you get in Gilneas is awesome. The goblin storyline is a boring rehash of other video games and TV shows, I wouldn't play one if I was being paid a tremendous amount of money. Worgen look awesome, have awesome animations, and are fun as hell to tank on. I am a proud worgen to be.
  • Rich Maloy (@stoneybaby) quality time with the girlfriend on Friday and Saturday. She and I have overlapping travel schedules starting next week; she's gone, then me, then her again. I won't see her for nearly three weeks :( These are the sacrifices we make for BlizzCon! Bonus: Goblins. The starting experience is epic and hilarious, and everything is funny without the creep-factor of gnomes.
  • Robin Torres (@cosmiclaurel) Due to lingering family issues, I will be spending a lot of time away from the desktop this weekend. Which means iPhone games: PvZ, Words With Friends, Kingdoms at War, Diner Dash and whatever is the free game of the day. Bonus question: Roblin the goblin. Duh.
  • Sarah Nichol (@mentalshaman) I'll be playing with my brand new Kindle, as I picked up Blood and Honor, and The Last Guardian to read on it the other day, so time to bury myself in some lore. I suspect I shall also be tearing my hair out in frustration at the EU beta premade character copy system and getting my gnome warrior to Outland on live. Bonus: Worgen warrior! I just love the feral movements and although the women's accents are hideous, there is something awesome about hearing an English accent in game.
  • Tyler Caraway (@murmursofadruid) I'll be playing what beta I can between working overtime and raiding this weekend. However! I will be doing a podcast with the crew over at RaidWarning along with several other well known druids -- balance, restoration, and feral alike. Be sure to check it out once it's released on Oct. 12. Oh, and goblins. I would normally have said worgen, because I do not like goblins, but my encounters with the goblin shaman of the Earthen Ring have shown me the light. Bring on our new goblin masters!

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