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Mega Man Legends 3 invites fans to actively participate in game development


"It's been ten years since the last Mega Man Legends game," Inafune reminded the captive New York Comic Con audience, before unveiling a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Mega Man Legends 3 Project for Nintendo 3DS.

Why the "Project" in the title? Inafune clarified that this "project" would be a collaborative experience -- but not in the Mega Man Universe kind of way. Instead, the community will be able to actively participate in the development of the game. The Capcom-Unity website will be updated with a "Dev Room," where fans will be able to submit their gameplay ideas, boss ideas, character ideas, and more. In the future, fans will be able to vie for a position in the game's voice cast.

The first challenge for fans is to pick the next heroine in the Legends series. Nine different artists, including Inafune himself, are offering designs. The fan-driven vote will determine the female star of Legends 3. Keep an eye on the Dev Room for your chance to decide the future of the long-dormant Legends series. Update: Now with first video, after the break!

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