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Aliens Blu-ray screenshots re-stir our appetite for upcoming anthology, not a hole in the chest


Watching the Alien Anthology Blu-ray trailer definitely left us itching for the epic sci-fi collection's Blu-ray release on October 26th. But seeing Sigourney Weaver all HD'd up without an SD reference point did make it hard to tell how much effort has gone into the transfer process. Screenshots leaked on AVSForum of the Cameron-supervised remastering of Aliens for Blu-ray though show that the king of the world has clearly been busy de-graining his work to shine in 1080p. The SD to HD shot-for-shot comparison in the gallery below however does highlight some heavy use of blue filtering, hinting James' time on Avatar may have left him with permanent Navi goggles. Still, making the Alien Queen slightly more smurf-ish doesn't mean she's any less scary -- or gooey for that matter. To see for yourself, hit up the gallery below.

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