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Ford looks to 'interaction design' for future dashboards

Darren Murph

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Ever heard of Ideo? Chances are you haven't (unless you're a hardcore designer), but that very design consultancy is credited with the development of the original Apple mouse and for crafting interfaces for Palm. And now, they'll be credited with helping Ford advance its dashboards for the next generation. A long-winded report over at the New York Times details how the Fiesta's T9-inspired dash looked antediluvian by the time it hit American shores, but a company initiative (codenamed HAL) sought to dramatically improve the "cabin experience." In order to do so, Ford has latched onto "interactive design," a concept conjured up by Ideo's co-founder, Bill Moggridge. Specific guidelines were created in order to generate "a sort of universal logic for all the cars' switches and systems," and we're told that it'll apply to all future Ford models around the globe. Hit the source link for the whole shebang.

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