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Ben Heck makes Xbox 360 'Slim' portable, still won't make a briefcase feel fat (video)

Tim Stevens

As always in the world of handmade portable consoles, the word "slim" is a very, very relative term. Appropriately you wouldn't call Ben Heck's latest creation svelte by any means, but it is considerably smaller than his 2009 version, 1.5-inches skinnier and an inch shorter. Despite that it now has an internal power supply and is even quieter than before. The system's touch power and eject buttons work as expected here, and up top is a 17-inch Gateway LCD that manages a full 720p's worth of pixels. Want one? The model pictured above is being given away as part of a contest on The Ben Heck Show, but he's making two others that are available to, you know, purchase if you have the means.

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