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Breakfast Topic: The first thing you do in patch 4.0.1


Here we are, on yet another patch day morning, waiting with bated breath for the patch to drop. Of course, this is no ordinary patch. This is patch 4.0.1, which brings with it a veritable plethora of changes, enough to make your head spin for sure. Of course, I'm sure you've been following WoW Insider religiously the past week, so you're on top of it. Still, even with our guidance, there's a lot of stuff going on, and a lot of people are sure to get whiplash signing on for the first time this afternoon. With that in mind, we here at WoW Insider world headquarters figured it would be a good idea to brainstorm what to do first.

Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Learn your glyphs. With glyphs becoming more expensive to make and a one-time learned thing, hopefully, you've already stockpiled all available glyphs for your class so that you can pull them out of your bank and learn them first thing. If you didn't, you may need to wait a few weeks for the prices to stabilize, because the gougers are going to be out in full force today (including those who already started yesterday, of course).
  • Reinvest your talent points. With the new 31-point trees and masteries, everyone's talents have been reset. Hopefully, you've been following our class columns the past few weeks, since most of them have had a lot of good advice.
  • Practice your rotations. Our skills have been switched up pretty significantly with this latest patch. It might be a decent idea to grab a practice dummy and make sure you still have the DPS mojo. Remember though, depending on your class, a practice dummy is rarely a real substitute for a real battle.
  • Work on those last few achievements. With patch 4.0.3 approaching ever closer, now's a good time to finish up any achievements associated with Zul'Gurub, not to mention those Loremaster and Explorer titles. You never know when they could change.
  • Turn on "load out-of-date addons" and/or update your addons. With a new patch comes the need for new addon updates. Patch 4.0.1 isn't breaking addons as bad as Patch 3.0.1 did, but you'll still want to check and see which addons still work and which don't.
What about you, dear reader? Whether it's on this list or not, what do you plan to do when you log on after the patch?

This is it! Patch 4.0.1 begins the slide into December's upcoming expansion. It's a whole new game from here on out. Get oriented with our roundup of everything there is to know about patch 4.0.1 and how it changes the game until the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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