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Capcom launches Ace Attorney 10th anniversary website on 9th anniversary


Capcom must be planning something big for the 10th anniversary of the Ace Attorney series, as it's opened an anniversary website exactly one year early. Either that or someone thought this year was the 10th anniversary, and Capcom just decided to roll with it.

The anniversary site features commentary by series composers, staff, and even the actress who played Phoenix Wright in the Takarazuka Revue musicals. There's also an interview with creator Shu Takumi, who started work on the first Phoenix Wright as a summer project after Dino Crisis 2.

Meanwhile, Andriasang reports that a "???x???" link at the official site displays a book with the words "Majo Saiban" ("Witch Judgment") on it, suggesting a collaboration between the TV drama by that name and the Ace Attorney series. Curiously, the book is blank when we look at it.

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