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Cataclysm: Official reforging preview


Blizzard has just posted its official preview of the new gear customization feature, reforging. Allowing players to decrease secondary stats on an item for something more favorable, reforging gives players more options for items and easier upgrade potential, rather than waiting for their exact pieces of gear to drop. Check out the official preview.

Zarhym -- Cataclysm Preview: Reforging
Originally a magic brought to the citizens of Azeroth by the Highborne, reforging will provide a new means for players to customize their gear in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. NPCs offering reforging services will be located in all major cities, ready to assist in customizing items by altering the stats they provide. Players can use reforging to modify an item's stat values, or to undo any previous changes and allow different customization choices. Check out the preview now!

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