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DJ Hero 2 demos hit Best Buy and the web, new trailer hits our soul

If your lack of a turntable -- or a current-gen gaming console, for that matter -- kept you from enjoying the Xbox Live and PSN demo for DJ Hero 2, you've now got a few other options for channels through which to get a sample portion of the upcoming rhythm sequel. The first, and most accurate method for you to try out the game is to go to your local Best Buy, as DJ Hero 2 demo units have been placed in over 900 of the retailer's locations across the country.

A slightly less authentic way to try the game out is to play the flash-based, online demo that was recently added to the game's official site. It boils down the controls to a fairly simple mouse-and-keyboard scheme, but you should get a good idea of what playing the full title is going to feel like.

Finally, you can watch a new DJ Hero 2 trailer after the jump, which seems to indicate that playing the game allows you to kiss the braces right off of an attractive girl's mouth, which we don't really remember happening while playing the series' first installment.

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