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Super Scribblenauts-branded eggs coming soon to the UK

Thanks to Super Scribblenauts, we've learned all about this delightful little caste of words known as "adjectives," which can be used to describe things. With this knowledge, we now have the ability to talk about Warner Bros. bizarre, inscrutable, unprecedented and delicious new promotion for the wordy puzzle title: A partnership with UK's Stonegate Eggs, to include Scribblenauts branding on cartons of the company's "Intelligent Eating Eggs."

The promotion will have an accompanying website, where egg consumers can solve puzzles for a chance to win a DSi and a copy of the vocabulary-expanding sequel. We guess we can see the correlation, but we still wish the game had a more direct impact on the foodstuff. Imagine if you will: Super Scramblenauts, a foil pouch with pre-made scrambled eggs inside, for on-the-go oh man that would be disgusting.

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