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Chibi-Robo creator tweeting for a Moon sequel


Kenichi Nishi, founder of Chibi-Robo developer Skip, as well as LOL developer Route24, is gauging interest in a sequel to his 1997 PlayStation RPG Moon: A Remix RPG Adventure via Twitter. If you're not familiar with Moon, it's an inventive RPG about a child sucked into the world of a (fictional) RPG, also called Moon. After playing through the game in his real life, he must then follow in the path of an insane, level-hungry "Hero" in the game's world, and help bring peace to the souls of the monsters murdered for XP. Read this NeoGAF thread and this HG101 article for more detail.

Showing your support for the sequel (and, likely, helping Nishi find a publishing partner to fund its development) couldn't be easier: simply include the #moon2 hashtag in your tweets. In the event that Moon 2 does get made, Nishi has already said he "hopes" to bring it to the west as well.

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