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Chumby sprouts legs, walks, fails at feline amusement (video)

Tim Stevens

By default Chumbys are cuddly but not exactly mobile. Then along came the Chumby One, not even cuddly and exactly zero percent more mobile. EMGRobotics is here to solve that issue with a Chumbified port of RobotSee, a robotics-specific language developed by Eric Gregori. The One here is paired with a Freescale accelerometer and manages to walk all by its lonesome without falling over. Mind you, it doesn't walk very quickly, but if it were any faster it'd run the risk of scaring away the cat, and we wouldn't want that. Oh, and make sure you skip ahead to the 1:45 mark in the video if you want to skip the PowerPoint and get straight to the staggering action.

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