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One Shots: Might as well jump

With summer winding down, what's better than a pool party? Well, if you're Dan X., that might just be a pool party with some rockin' music during a summer event! And if you play Aion on the Israphel server, this scene may well be familiar to you (with or without the lovely lass and guitar, mind you). Dan writes in to explain a bit more about what we're seeing in today's image: "This is my sorcerer, Forgot, on Israphel, sitting in Pandaemonium. This is the last night of the Summer Event 'Scorching Heat' or what I like to call the AFK jumping event. If you look carefully behind my character, you can see players jumping. A day after the event started, players discovered they could avoid being disconnected for being AFK if they simply kept jumping in order to keep accumulating event tokens. Event tokens were rewarded for every 20 minutes a player was online. I manage to only collect enough tokens for a few trade-ins. The best item I received was a tradeable white dye. This was Aion's best event to date, but I was still disappointed I could not get a swimsuit item."

Are you taking part in an in-game event in your MMO of choice? If so, why not grab a screenshot of the festivities and send the image to us here at Be sure to include your name, the name of the game and a description of what we're seeing. Yours could be the next one featured here on One Shots!

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