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Robomodo lays off unspecified number of staff, leads remain

Justin McElroy

The ride has ended for some Robomodo staffers. The developer behind Tony Hawk Ride and the soon-to-be-released Tony Hawk Shred has let go of an unspecified number of employees, according to the following statement from president Josh Tsui:
"It is always difficult to let hard-working and valued employees go. Robomodo has retained all of the company's directors and leads, along with other staff members. All are busy working on future projects and ideas, which will become the innovative games of tomorrow. We hope to bring back some of our team as we ramp up on our next projects."
Again, we don't know how many were let go, but a source speaking with Joystiq suggested upwards of 30 would be affected. Of course, this is likely partially attributable to work wrapping on Shred, but our hearts still go out to those who'll have to start the morning off with a job hunt.

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