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White Samsung Fascinate and Sony Ericsson X10 joining Dell Streak in Best Buy this month

Chris Ziegler

Let's be real: almost every phone looks better in white. Okay, so that's strictly a matter of personal opinion -- but if you're a white phone kind of person, turn your attention away from the forever-delayed iPhone 4 and toward a couple that are launching shortly thanks to some new details from Best Buy. Turns out Verizon's white Fascinate and AT&T's white X10 are both scheduled to hit on October 24, alongside the Dell Streak -- not in white, by the bye -- followed by the HTC Surround on November 8 (which we already knew). Any of 'em can be yours for a $50 deposit.

Update: We've been told that the white Fascinate and X10 will be exclusives for Best Buy, at least at first.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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