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A helmsman's chair that would make James T. Kirk green with envy


NorSap is a Norwegian firm that manufactures those impressive chairs for the helmsmen and pilots on sea-going vessels. These chairs are extremely rugged, as they need to be able to stand up to rough conditions, but they also need to be adjustable to fit a variety of body sizes and comfortable enough to sit in during a long watch.

The company recently developed a concept chair, which they refer to as the iChair, that includes not one, but two iPads mounted for easy visibility. The custom docks that hold the iPads have ergonomic padding installed to cushion the forearms of the lucky soul who gets to command the Enterprise ship from the iChair.

The iChair was built specially by NorSap for the ONS 2010 and SMM 2010 exhibitions, and although our tipster, Kenneth, isn't sure they'll sell any of these, I have to agree with his assertion that "it looks cool." One of the closeup shots in the gallery below shows a navigational chart on the iPad, so the iPads may have some practical use other than distracting the crew.

A few more shots of the iChair are in the gallery below.

Gallery: NorSap iChair Concept Helmsman's Chair | 3 Photos

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